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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban and Michael Dell, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness professional. George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers with unique goals. With over 25 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni is passionate about helping others transform their lives and achieve profound positive change through personal and professional development. Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to redefine who they are and what they can accomplish.
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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban, Michael Dell and several other high profile people, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness and wellness professional.

With over 27 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni's hands-on and well researched experience delivers much passion on his radio show (Train Station Fitness) and during public speaking.

Many years ago George identified his life's mission to positively and profoundly help others transform their lives and achieve the change they seek. He developed and honed his message and techniques through his own personal and professional development as well as the many tools he acquired at Harvard Business school.

Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to identify and redefine who they are and what they can accomplish. Arming people with the tools necessary to create a new norm for themselves, he runs motivational, interactive training seminars for audiences spanning from corporate executives to entrepreneurs and people who wish to venture out on their own. George’s authentic, honest, direct manner is refreshing and infectious motivating thousands of people to take action.

Each episode I challenges guests or provide an introspective look at our behaviors that lead to the results we may or may not desire.

In 2005 George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and in 2015 Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers achieve their goals. Genetic Direction has a personalized component unique to the customer.

Giving new meaning to a busy schedule, in addition to hosting the Train Station Fitness Show, he's been on-air with NBC, TXCN, CH 8, Fox Sports Southwest, and WB33, and has made appearances on such shows as Good Day Dallas, CH 4 Morning Show, Texas Accents and Health Connection.

He penned articles for Dr. Drew, Women's Health and Fitness Magazine, and CBS Health Watch and authored four books and a best-selling author, Three Minutes to a Strong Mind and a Fit Body was #11 on’s Best Seller List.

To be published in 2018, George’s latest book, Potentially YOU, challenges readers and provides the tools to identify break through self-imposed limitations and realize new possibilities.

George holds an advanced certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, advanced training in bio-mechanics, and an advanced personal training and nutrition certification from the Institute of Aerobic Research.

Always striving to finesse his business acumen and leadership abilities, George graduated from Harvard Business School Owner President Management

To work one-one-one with George or bring him to your next speaking engagement, event or seminar:

To learn more about Genetic Direction’s programs, including GxSlim-the weight loss program tailored to your DNA and GxRenew–an innovative healthy aging program that utilizes your genetic profile to provide nutrient, food, activity and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer– visit

Mar 17, 2018

It's ​March and most people who adopted a new year resolution are beginning to ​fall off the wagon due to lack of results, the speed at which the results came and a mammalian brain that's ​constantly on the lookout for danger, ​drama, ​failure, and challenges.

​If you choose to disregard this show, then you're either wealthy, in perfect health and or have the perfect marriage, or you have embraced being Uncomfortably Comfortable ​

I will share 6 reasons why our brain is constantly looking for failure and danger, then give tangible ideas to begin implementing to change the way your brain thinks to minimized being faced with a challenge in which you may have drawn toward you with a negative mindset.

Visit  begin with buying my book Potentially You. 

Toward the end of the book, I mention a tool I have that only a few people in America have that will completely neutralize the emotions keeping you from being the parent, spouse, successful business person​ and the healthy ​person you wish to be and​ ​enjoy the emotional stability and success you deserve. 

Mar 10, 2018
A high-carb diet and high blood sugar are associated with cognitive decline.
What are ketones?
What is ketosis and is it dangerous? (Compare to keto-acidosis)
Can all cells, tissues, and organs in the body potentially use ketones and which benefit the most from ketones.
Dr. Satchin Panda microbiologist studies the circadian rhythms​ of the body. Every cell in the body follows this Circadian Rhythm which governs when a cell is most metabolically active, when hormones are produced and when repairs and processes are active.​​​ Our internal clock tells us when it’s time to wake, when to rest and when to begin eating​ and when to wind down. 
To learn more about Dr. Panda’s studies:

A few years ago Dr. Panda​ began looking at how food affects our clocks in each organ. In our liver, there are 3000-5000 genes that turn on or off at different parts of the day. 

​One experiment his team gave food to mice during the day, (mice eat at night) to see if it would affect gene expression.
The first exposure to light and bite of food determines how our body clock works.
Dr. Panda coined the phrase TRF Time-Restricted Feeding which he defines as eating during an 8-12 hr period during light exposure only. 
This produced fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, decreased inflammation, improved heart function, ketone production and aerobic endurance.
Every organ in our body has an internal clock and it tells each organ when to be at peak performance and when to rest. 
W​hat many people may not know is that 10-15% of our genome is tied to our circadian rhythm and 40-50% of those genes are tied to metabolism.​
Dr. Panda went on to give an example of how street lights have to be timed just right to prevent traffic accidents. Not unlike the clock in our liver and how it distributes food and the process, it goes through. Not everything happens at once such as breaking down protein, making glucose etc. 
Artificial sweeteners, sugar and other things that cause a disruption in this process lead to metabolic issues attracting disease. Diabetes, heart disease cancer etc. 
We’re forcing our organs to work at times they are winding down, in turn, trying to force them to work at their optimal levels which cause traffic jams, and accidents using his traffic light metaphor about attracting disease.
They also found, and cannot explain people will gain muscle mass just by using this TRF. Which completely negates the thought of having to eat every 2-3 hrs. 
He did say the quality of calories does matter but if someone had to choose one first to then incorporate the other, TRF during 8-12 hours daylight would be that choice. 
Their findings show most people eat over a 15 hour period
Mar 4, 2018

It's getting hot in here.

Dr. Rudman discusses causes & new, safer treatments that actually work.

Imagine not having to use medication to fix dysfunctional sexual issues for both men and women.

Male sexual function/dysfunction

Incidence of Erectile Dysfunction -

40% at age 40
70% at age 70

Incidence of Premature Ejaculation amongst men - 30%

Average penile length:
3inches flaccid
5 erect
6inches is at 95 percentile
7 inches 98%
Penis length is dramatically more important to men then women

Causes of ED

Traditional Treatments

New Treatments:

  • Wave (Shockwave) extracorporeal shock wave therapy the science behind the technology involves something called low-intensity shockwave therapy. 

20-minute procedure could enhance one's sex life, build entirely new blood vessels to the genitals, fix libido and sexual issues, eliminate erectile dysfunction, and increase size and vascularity—all without the use of Cialis or Viagra.

We also discuss the P-Shot and Stem Cell treatments

Female Sexual function / dysfunction / incontinence

Is lack of an orgasm normal??)

75% of women never reach vaginal orgasm and 15% never climax

The 25% who do prove what they are missing.

Incidence of dysfunction

Incidence of Female Urinary incontinence 40%

 New cutting edge treatments for rejuvenation and healing 

  • O-shot (orgasm)
  • Votiva
  • F wave
Feb 24, 2018
In the beginning of 2018 I had an idea for a show to discuss the importance of adding or removing certain supplements due to the demands, change of each season and desires we have within those seasons that focus on our health goals and concerns.
People who supplement, do so with the same routine day in & day out without regard to the effect each season has on our health. 
Demands on our health change as seasons change.
Which sups do you need more or less of in each season? 
Winter concerns and interests: Sugar cravings, Fat loss, Stress, fFu, Snergy, Painful Joints, 

Asthma, Contracting a cold, Dry air asthma attacks, Heart Attacks

Spring concerns and interests: Allergies- yard work, bicycle riding and all outdoor activity. Toxicity from winter food and in home chemicals not being released due to lack of open windows/freshair

Summer concerns and interests: Sunburn, Women yeast infections, Athletes foot, Acne, Food poison, Dehydration 
Autumn concerns and interests:  Energy- hypersomnia, SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
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Feb 17, 2018

Jim LaValle, clinical pharmacist and board certified clinical nutritionist and metabolic expert, author, “Cracking the Metabolic Code”



What you need to know about cortisol and your health.

Cortisol is a hormone released during stress. It is involved with many body functions such as controlling blood sugar levels, blood pressure, regulating metabolism and regulating energy by selecting the right amount of nutrients for our body. When it’s released it increases heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, respiration and muscle tension. It’s also the hormone responsible for the “fight-or-flight” response to stress.

Too much or too little cortisol caused by excess stress can lead to several health issues.

Research shows 90 percent of doctors visits are related to stress.

While this hormone  gets negative attention, we discuss the role and benefits of cortisol in addition to chronic release of high cortisol on health and peak performance.

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Feb 11, 2018

A food once touted dangerous by MDs, always loved by nutritionists &-bodybuilders directly affects brain health

What is the one well-balanced, protein absorbed faster & more efficiently than other protein? 

Dr. Tia Rains is the Executive Director at the Egg Nutrition Center.  

In this episode Dr Rains discussed the new research and importance of consuming eggs for babies and adults alike. 

First we discuss the latest research on babies and brain health, then dismiss the negative news about cholesterol and eggs once thought to harm people with high cholesterol.

January 2018 Dr. Marie Caudill and colleagues at Cornell University published yet more evidence that infants exposed to higher levels of maternal choline (930 mg/day) during the third trimester have improved information processing speed during the first year of life, an indicator of cognition and intelligence.

The choline content, in particular, is proving to be much more important for brain function than once thought. 

Eggs are the richest source of choline except for beef liver (which isn’t exactly as suitable for babies and toddlers…)

Eggs are also the most bioavailable source of protein on the planet (ie. More protein per bite, less filler)

Eggs are also dense in iodine and zinc

Eggs include other important brain nutrients like polyunsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, and are one of the most bioavailable source of protein on the planet. That means that growing bodies digest and absorb the protein from eggs faster and more efficiently than other protein sources. 


Feb 3, 2018

In this episode I will share the importance of certain exercises to incorporate and others to avoid due to loss of range of motion, pain, and loss of cartilage in our joints.

I will share six daily exercises men and women over 40 must do & seven you must avoid.

T​he exercises are intended to show the importance of certain safe bio mechanical movements, not a routine with any particular purpose.

Dr. Webster will comment on the link between sugar and Alzheimer’s and how ketones play a positive role.

Below is a look at some of the daily exercise must do's.
For the explanation and my suggested exercises to avoid, listen to the podcast.

Use Y​outube for proper instruction of these exercises:

1. Planks-
2. Body squat​-
3. deadlift​-
4. Any balance exercise.

Well it’s still that time of year where people are focused on fat loss and cleansing and just trying to feel better.

For 12 yrs 21 day body makeover has been successfully helping thousands of people feel great while losing fat. Stay focused on what you know works. You've heard the profound testimonials from medical doctors, talk show hosts and pro athletes. Stick with the tried-and-true instead of always looking for the latest and greatest quick fix. Get your 21 day body makeover system today

Jan 27, 2018

Dr. Rudman, Dr. Harrison and I discuss common dental problems that lead to systemic medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, bacterial pneumonia and diabetes.

Did you know 85% of people who suffer a heart attack have significant gingivitis/gum disease?
What happens when we eat sugar, don’t brush, or floss?
What is dental calculus and why is it important
Mercury in food and dental fillings and possible dangers
Can we bio hack our health by using mouth taping
What is it?  And what potential benefits are there?
Jan 22, 2018

Dr. Webster and I are discussing the pros & cons of different exercise routines. The best combinations for fat loss, endurance, strength, power, quickness, muscle growth, injury prevention, etc.

And for the avid exerciser who exercises at least exercise 5 days per week I will present my 6 week exercise challenge:


Day 1 Treadmill incline 12 speed, 12 incline, 12 seconds, 12 X

Day 2 Weight training using multiple joints. chest press, squat press, pulldowns etc.

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Jan 13, 2018
Each new year comes with an overload of information about what to eat, how to exercise and the best way get back on track in your fitness routine.
The University of Scranton says 92 % of people who make a New year resolution will fail while only 8% will succeed.
How can we overcome this repeating narrative?
James B. LaValle, R.Ph., CCN, is an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author and board certified clinical nutritionist, naturopathic doctorate with more than 30 years of clinical experience. 
LaValle is best known for his expertise in metabolic and integrative medicine, with extensive background in natural products, lifestyle drug/nutrient depletion and uncovering the underlying metabolic issues that keep people from feeling healthy and vital.
Dec 17, 2017

In this episode we talk about:

Purdue Pharma pled guilty to criminal consumer fraud in 2007 for lying about the addiction risk of their opioid medications and paid a fine of over $600 million but no one went to jail.

  • Doctors receive, on average, less than two hours of education on pain in medical school
  • 40% of visits to primary care physicians are for pain
  • Americans spend over $34 billion annually out of pocket for alternative medicine because they want safe, effective care and health insurers rarely pay

Doctors, fearful of prosecution for over prescribing are not prescribing pain meds anymore. Millions of people are addicted to opioids, hundreds of thousands dead.  Now they're being abruptly cut off and offered nothing to replace it.  



Dec 9, 2017

We're about to complete yet another year of failed attempts to lose fat or be as fit as you'd like. 

A real eye-opener is when you realize it may not all be your fault. 


Medication, stress, poor diet, toxic less than optimal working organs, are all reasons it's difficult for people to lose fat and feel good while having the energy to exercise. 


In this episode Dr. Rudman and I discuss how receiving a shot helps with fat loss.

What's in this syringe that can make you lose fat?

Is it safe? Are there studies backing it?


And why the Ketogenic diet doesn’t work for everyone. 

The new YOU going into a New Year


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Dec 4, 2017

Have you heard of Resistant Starch

Most starches are broken down into sugar, however, Resistant Starch resists digestion and increases the amount of fat we use for energy, better insulin sensitivity, improves digestion and strengthens immunity. However, does this fly into the face of science of info we are suppose to follow to lose fat? 

We'll discuss more about that point later in the show.

  • What is starch?
  • What foods contain starch?
  • When we see "carbs" listed on a food label is starch a part of (or all of) that?
  • Why might starch be a problem for weight loss?
  • What happens when we fry starch (fries)?
  • What is Resistant Starch?
  • Which foods contain it?
  • What does Resistant Starch do for digestion and what are the other health benefits?
Third segment: Resistant Starch (RS) and weight loss
  • Hot vs cold starch- how does this effect resistant starch? If we let machines and ovens do the digestion for us, we are left with highly digestible starches. Not good for glucose control, staying lean, or intestinal health.
  • What foods high in RS might be helpful for weight loss?
  • Why does RS help weight loss?
  • For those in extreme need for weight loss, what is an extreme diet high in RS that could be helpful
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Nov 18, 2017

You’ve heard of lactose intolerance, but have you heard of histamine intolerance? A misdiagnosis could inflame the real problem.

If you are experiencing Hypertension
, Dizziness, Headaches, 
Irregular sleeping pattern
,Arrhythmia (accelerated heart rate), Anxiety

Nausea and vomiting, Flushing, Abdominal cramps
, Hives, Fatigue, Watery eyes, you could be dealing with a histamine intolerance: 

My guest Sherry Torkos, B.Sc.Phm., R.Ph., is a pharmacist, author, who graduated with honors from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1992. Since that time she has been practicing holistic pharmacy in the Niagara region of Ontario.

Torkos has won several national pharmacy awards for providing excellence in patient care.

Your body’s inability to breakdown the over can lead to chronic health conditions, that could be lifelong issues.”

Here are some questions I address with Sherry:

Food Allergy or Intolerance? 

How can we identify the difference between the two?

What causes A histamine intolerance

How can we identify the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance?

What is histamine intolerance?

If you have a histamine intolerance, what foods and drugs should you AVOID? 
Which should you have?

If you have a histamine intolerance, what supplements should you ADD to your diet? 

Who is most at risk of having a histamine intolerance? Is there a test to diagnose a histamine intolerance? 


How can stress during the holiday season influence a histamine intolerance?

Find out which histamine-rich foods should be avoided. 


HistaEze™ 120 vegetarian capsules
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Nov 12, 2017

Vitamin B6 and B12 Supplements Appear to Cause Cancer in Men the National Institutes of Health notes, “Vitamin B12 supplementation appears to have no beneficial effect on performance in the absence of a nutritional deficit.” 

​In this episode we discuss the importance o how to look at a study and what makes it credible.

These publications ​are misguiding people as usual.

W​hat's missing from this study? 

Should we put all focus on every study published?

Have you ever wondered why a product or protocol is touted as good for us one year, and the next it's the worst thing imaginable?
Let's become advocates for our own health and bring what we researched to specialists for their input.

Journal of Clinical Oncology, researchers reported that taking vitamin B6 and B12 supplements in high doses (like those sold in many stores) appears to triple or almost quadruple some people’s risk of lung cancer. Key words here, (like those sold in many stores)

In 2009, the researchers reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that taking high doses of vitamin B12 along with folic acid (technically vitamin B9) was associated with greater risk of cancer and all-cause mortality. 

​Folic acid is not made in nature. Folate is. ​

B vitamins contribute enzymes and coenzymes to a metabolic pathway that breaks down folate in order to make the bases that comprise DNA. The pathway also regulates the expression of genes (by creating methyl groups that can essentially turn genes on and off). When we have too little of these B vitamins, this pathway can go wrong, leading to problems like incorporation of the wrong types of bases into DNA, which can cause breaks in the strands, and, in theory, lead to cancer.

Nov 4, 2017

Science showing being over fat may not be your fault minus poor choices. 

Dr Tim Church Said, "your body has more microbes than human cells."

The human body is teeming with microbes. A number that gets bandied about is that there are 10 times as many bacterial cells as human cells inside you. 

You are born bacteria-free

People are born without bacteria, and acquire them in the first few years of life. Babies get their first dose of microbes as they're passing through their mother's birth canal.

Bacteria can be good and bad for you

You're probably aware that while some germs can make you sick, others are important for keeping you healthy and fending off infections. Sometimes, the same bacteria can do both.



The recognition that bacteria can be good for you has spawned something of a craze in probiotic supplements, consisting of live microbes purported to bestow health benefits. Many people take them after a course of antibiotics. But do they actually work?

@dfwticket #weightloss #microbiome 
Oct 29, 2017

In this episode, Dr Webster and I dispel myths to keep you safe and on track to your health goals.

Here is just a few snippets we will address. 

1. Fact or fiction?

Being vegan doesn’t prevent heart disease


2.Fact or fiction?

ALA helps remove fat from your liver and regulates glucose homeostasis


3. Fact or fiction?

It's best to eat a banana or pineapple before bed to sleep better


4. Fact or fiction?

A keen sense of smell can make you fat. 


We need to know the best and most accurate health information coming into the holiday season. 


To have the best chance for success we will dispel the latest news in magazines and mainstream media

Oct 22, 2017

Dr Webster and I will discuss a topic often overlooked that is rarely included in a multi vitamin and never discussed on my show.

It's mostly known for its blood clotting properties. People on blood thinners Coumadin or warfarin are told to avoid this essential vitamin.

Being low or deficient on this vitamin can potentially lead to heath issues, lead to thickening of the heart in adolescents which could lead to heart problems later in life. Especially in those who take vitamin D.

Other properties include: immune function, bone building, regulates cell growth, cardio protection.

What is this elusive nutrient? Which food is it in?

Oct 15, 2017

2009 report by the state comptroller estimated that obesity cost Texas businesses $9.5 billion that year and warned that the problem was getting worse.

Well-Being Index Gallup survey – 35 percent of Fort Worth residents have a body mass index of at least 30 

30% of the Fort Worth population is overweight.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price isn't having any of that. 

How much do parents play a role? how influential are children when it comes to eating healthy?

She has an affinity for being healthy and injecting this focus into the community as well as her staff.

FitWorth |

She also discusses the Blue Zone Project Fort Worth |


Side note: my new book Potentially You has been released on Kindle. 

Bringing twenty-seven years of entrepreneurship as a trainer and behavioral modification consultant and coach. I share stories from my past bring and awareness to impediments preventing us from having the success we desire. 

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Oct 7, 2017
We will look at the most common reason people visit a doctor
Who pays? 
How can you decrease your bills by choosing the right doctor for your concern?

Dr Webster discusses the rise in healthcare cost since 1970

Some factors driving this increase?

The second and third most likely reason to visit a doctors office are joint pain and spinal disorders. why are people seeking an MD instead of a chiropractor?

Is chiropractic better at caring for certain conditions than is an MD?

What about costs?  

Is chiropractic cost effective?  And what does that mean to be cost effective rather than simply effective?

Sep 30, 2017

Free range & organic chicken only require a small space to roam on the side of a fenced in barn.

Their food is inside the barn with 100,000 birds walking in each other's feces and they rarely move more than a few feet. 
Chicken and turkey, no matter how you raise them, have to eat grain. 

They cannot get enough nutrition from grass & bugs to ever achieve growth or meat quality necessary to get to the grocery store.
Poultry expert putting his neck on the line exposing the truth

Roger Renfro, (name changed to protect his identity) has 2 degrees in animal science, he’s a Professional Animal Welfare Auditor, certified to perform inspections for Humane Farm Animal Care across the U.S. and Canada, and working on a dissertation in microbiology.  

He focuses on feed & vaccines to poultry companies and has published papers on microbiology & animal welfare in peer reviewed scientific journals, and has researched extensively on Salmonella.

His doctoral research involves sampling and analyzing live poultry for Salmonella & antibiotic resistance from the hatchery to the farm all the way to the processing plant & grocery store.

Roger is blowing the whistle, you don't want to miss this. 

Side note my new book Potentially You has been released on Kindle.

I share stories from my past as a trainer to powerful high net worth people, and from clients of my behavioral modification consulting and coaching program. I bring awareness to impediments that prevent us from having the success we desire, or heal from a past trauma. If you truly want to stop sabotaging goals and success, begin with my book and visit

Sep 24, 2017

Dr Brian Rudman

IV nutrient therapy can heal the body much faster than taking pills.

Myers Cocktail, developed 30 years ago by Dr. John Myers can be a catalyst to help people recover from migraines, hangovers, fibromyalgia, depression allergies, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, crohn’s disease cardiovascular diseases, parkinson’s and more.

How? Sounds like quackery

Dr, Rudman will discuss history IV nutrients John Myers, MD

Why IV nutrients vs oral?

Sep 16, 2017

The documentary, What The Health attempts to dismantle all benefits of meat products using their idealistic perspective for us all to become vegan.

These producers and interviewer had the opportunity to present the truth and expose the foundations that are supposedly helping people who are in desperate need in their health.

Here are a couple of things to consider:

First, anybody can say anything they want about anything or anyone. 
Second, people are easily influenced and more inclined to believe an accusation or what they hear that justify's  their opinion because it supports their story. Then they become angry and lash out at others who don't align with their ideals and opinions.
While there are some disturbing truths in What The Health, their claims about eggs being dangerous and diabetes being caused by meat, not sugar is ludicrous. They even promoted a doctor who used sugar and carbs to heal people many years ago.

Dr Webster, Dr Rudman and myself will shoot holes in this documentary with facts using unbiased studies, experience and that new way of thinking called "logic."

I postulate that people can still have cancer while eating the most healthy diet and that systemic inflammation is connected to most disease, therefore mental, emotional stress, even being worried about having cancer can bring on cancer or other diseases.

Why do some of people who become vegan feel great and have amazing blood work and their spouse who may have followed the same vegan eating protocol, feel so bad and gain weight?

The moral of the story? Results don’t lie!!!! If something you're doing is proven to work, keep doing it.

We are all different in how we live our lives and genetic make-up. We need focused individual attention.

Sep 10, 2017

Dr, Rudman MD Formula Wellness 

60% of hair loss sufferers would rather have more hair than money or friends.

Almost half (47%)  of hair loss sufferers would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair.

Hair loss can be sign of something bigger- side effects of medications, too much testosterone (or DHT), autoimmune disease, low thyroid, high thyroid, severe vitamin deficiency.  (not to mention stress, anxiety both of which can cause full blown baldness)

Hair takes months to grow - like fingernails its good look back at overall health and nutrition - with additional things that affect it negatively.

Dr Rudman will also discuss the different theories about the causes of hair loss and the problems/benefits of medications, topicals, injections, and surgical procedures available to treat hair loss

What is stem cell/microionized fat injections (ALMI procedure) and can it replace a hair transplant?


Aug 28, 2017

Maynon Ballow and Dr Webster share the number one reason why people have trouble losing weight even if they exercise and eat well.

We'll also discuss 5 ways to boost testosterone naturally

1 How does gastric health contribute to obesity and weight loss resistance?

Is there a proven link between GI health, inflammation, obesity and disease such as Diabetes?

To replace those lost nutrients and aid in your weight loss efforts I am giving $50 off of our micronutrient test

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