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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban and Michael Dell, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness professional. George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers with unique goals. With over 25 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni is passionate about helping others transform their lives and achieve profound positive change through personal and professional development. Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to redefine who they are and what they can accomplish.
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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban, Michael Dell and several other high profile people, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness and wellness professional.

With over 27 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni's hands-on and well researched experience delivers much passion on his radio show (Train Station Fitness) and during public speaking.

Many years ago George identified his life's mission to positively and profoundly help others transform their lives and achieve the change they seek. He developed and honed his message and techniques through his own personal and professional development as well as the many tools he acquired at Harvard Business school.

Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to identify and redefine who they are and what they can accomplish. Arming people with the tools necessary to create a new norm for themselves, he runs motivational, interactive training seminars for audiences spanning from corporate executives to entrepreneurs and people who wish to venture out on their own. George’s authentic, honest, direct manner is refreshing and infectious motivating thousands of people to take action.

Each episode I challenges guests or provide an introspective look at our behaviors that lead to the results we may or may not desire.

In 2005 George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and in 2015 Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers achieve their goals. Genetic Direction has a personalized component unique to the customer.

Giving new meaning to a busy schedule, in addition to hosting the Train Station Fitness Show, he's been on-air with NBC, TXCN, CH 8, Fox Sports Southwest, and WB33, and has made appearances on such shows as Good Day Dallas, CH 4 Morning Show, Texas Accents and Health Connection.

He penned articles for Dr. Drew, Women's Health and Fitness Magazine, and CBS Health Watch and authored four books and a best-selling author, Three Minutes to a Strong Mind and a Fit Body was #11 on’s Best Seller List.

To be published in 2018, George’s latest book, Potentially YOU, challenges readers and provides the tools to identify break through self-imposed limitations and realize new possibilities.

George holds an advanced certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, advanced training in bio-mechanics, and an advanced personal training and nutrition certification from the Institute of Aerobic Research.

Always striving to finesse his business acumen and leadership abilities, George graduated from Harvard Business School Owner President Management

To work one-one-one with George or bring him to your next speaking engagement, event or seminar:

To learn more about Genetic Direction’s programs, including GxSlim-the weight loss program tailored to your DNA and GxRenew–an innovative healthy aging program that utilizes your genetic profile to provide nutrient, food, activity and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer– visit

Nov 21, 2018

Dr. Joel Kahn, MD is a cardiologist and best-selling author, America’s Healthy Heart Doc

Dr. Kahn, is a clinical professor of medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine and an associate professor at Oakland University/Beaumont Hospital medical schools. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan Medical School and trained in interventional cardiology in Dallas and Kansas City. Known as "America’s Healthy Heart Doc," Kahn is a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine and maintains sub-specialty board certification in cardiovascular medicine. He’s author of multiple No. 1 best-selling books including, “Whole Heart Solution,” “Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses,” and his most recent, “The Plant-Based Solution.” Kahn is a regular medical expert on major national shows including, “Dr. Phil,” “The Doctors,” “Dr. Oz,” and “Larry King.” He is owner of three health restaurants in Detroit and Austin, Texas. Visit: on Facebook at: or follow @drjkahn

Medication Mistakes people make with (OTC) over the counter medication

Most OTC medicines contain only 10 percent of the active ingredients needed for your ailment with the other nearly 90 percent of inactive ingredients (being used as binders and fillers).

Parabens: mimic natural hormone estrogen  and Dyes: aka artificial colors, have been linked with attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), increase in allergic reactions and autoimmune disorders.

Phthalates: can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system — 

Talc: aka magnesium silicate, has been linked to stomach and lung problems. The FDA has not approved talc for food grade consumption, but they still allow it to make tablets.

Some of the questions I ask Dr. Kahn:

  •  What can make on OTC medicine a hazard?
  •  If a med expired 6 month prior to someone taking it, how dangerous is it
  • Are antacids toxic? 
  • What are three common OTC meds you see patients making mistakes with this time of year?     
  • What’s the difference between an active and inactive ingredient? What’s in an antacid that could be toxic? Is there a cleaner version of this OTC? 

  • For multi-symptom cold and flu meds: Who needs it? How is it misused? What’s the proper dosing? What are 
potential dangers from overmedicating with acetaminophen?
  • At what point should you go see your doctor if the OTC medication is not helping? 

Nov 11, 2018

Bryan Clifton, Founder of Kalypso Wellness Centers

  • Chief of Anesthesia at Northeast Baptist Hospital
  • Veteran

According to CDC 50M people live with chronic pain due to:

  • Age related overuse injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Low Back, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Joint
  •     A link between chronic pain and depression



Ketamine is well known drug that has been used as an anesthetic for over 50 years, is used in operating rooms around the world, and is viewed by World Health Organization as core medicine in healthcare. The FDA has approved it as an anesthetic, and anesthesiologists use it routinely for this purpose.


  • While low dose ketamine has not yet been FDA approved for the treatment of Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve pain), Inflammatory Pain, Fibromyalgia, Bipolar Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); researchers for the last 15 years have shown that sub-clinical doses can rapidly relieve symptoms when given as IV infusions.


I ask Dr. Clifton:

  1. What conditions work best with a Kalypso Ketamine treatment? 
  2. How does someone know if they’re a good candidate for Kalypso Katamine?
  3. What is the link between reducing inflammation & treatment of depression?
  4. 4. What happens during treatment?



  • Antidepressant medications tend to be associated with the most adverse drug related reactions. It can take some time before the right medication or combinations of medications are determined, and the effects might not be optimal.
  • Narcotics, anxiolytics, and anti-depression medication all work by trying to “block” certain pathways, but do not actually work to improve the problem. 



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  • North Houston, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Garden City, NY
  • Meridian, MS
  • Wilmington, NC
Nov 4, 2018

Dr. Bomi Joseph founder of Peak Health

Every year, more than 2 million Americans suffer from serious pharmaceutical drug reactions. According to the FDA, these reactions cause about 100,000 deaths per year, making prescription drugs the fourth leading cause of death in the United States

Peak Health’s Dr. Bomi Joseph (PhD) is dedicated to conducting research and studying the efficacy of plant compounds on human health and has successfully developed a variety of phytoceutical products.

The genesis of Peak Health is “Johnson & Johnson Ayurvedic Pharmacy,” founded in 1918 in Alleppey, Kerala, India by Dr. Joseph’s great uncle. As a child, Dr. Joseph spent his summers helping his great uncle in the phyto pharmacy.

Dr. Joseph has published more than 42 peer-reviewed studies which can be found here:

He spent nearly a decade developing ImmunAG™, which is the first-ever non-cannabis derived cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

He also works with several high-profile former athletes such as Cuttino Mobley and Junior Bryant to help them improve their athleticism and overall health/wellness

A recent Market Research Future report found that the herbal medicine market is expected to reach $111 billion by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of ~ 7.2 % during 2017-2023.

We'll find out about their recently published a study which showed ImmunAG™, Humulus-Kriya derived CBD, was found to be more bioactive that traditional hemp derived CBD.

What makes ImmunAG more bioactive?
What are its potential applications?

Did you know the ketogenic diet was developed in the 1920's?
It's the most studied, most effective fat loss program, yet receives the least amount of attention.

The science and my personal results is why I created the all new Keto cleanse.

I used myself as a guinea pig and learned from others in trials who used my keto cleanse what was useless, at times counter-productive and what it takes to be successful.

The Keto Cleanse System has information not seen or shared all in one place on the net.

You will lose fat faster than you can than any other program ever introduced on the market while maintaining muscle when you follow our protocol.

Whether you're using the Keto Cleanse system to prepare for a wedding or holiday fun, the Keto Cleanse will HElp eliminate toxic build up to assist your organs to work at their optimal levels while losing fat in the process and giving you sustained energy throughout the day.

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