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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban and Michael Dell, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness professional. George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers with unique goals. With over 25 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni is passionate about helping others transform their lives and achieve profound positive change through personal and professional development. Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to redefine who they are and what they can accomplish.
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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban, Michael Dell and several other high profile people, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness and wellness professional.

With over 27 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni's hands-on and well researched experience delivers much passion on his radio show (Train Station Fitness) and during public speaking.

Many years ago George identified his life's mission to positively and profoundly help others transform their lives and achieve the change they seek. He developed and honed his message and techniques through his own personal and professional development as well as the many tools he acquired at Harvard Business school.

Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to identify and redefine who they are and what they can accomplish. Arming people with the tools necessary to create a new norm for themselves, he runs motivational, interactive training seminars for audiences spanning from corporate executives to entrepreneurs and people who wish to venture out on their own. George’s authentic, honest, direct manner is refreshing and infectious motivating thousands of people to take action.

Each episode I challenges guests or provide an introspective look at our behaviors that lead to the results we may or may not desire.

In 2005 George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and in 2015 Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers achieve their goals. Genetic Direction has a personalized component unique to the customer.

Giving new meaning to a busy schedule, in addition to hosting the Train Station Fitness Show, he's been on-air with NBC, TXCN, CH 8, Fox Sports Southwest, and WB33, and has made appearances on such shows as Good Day Dallas, CH 4 Morning Show, Texas Accents and Health Connection.

He penned articles for Dr. Drew, Women's Health and Fitness Magazine, and CBS Health Watch and authored four books and a best-selling author, Three Minutes to a Strong Mind and a Fit Body was #11 on’s Best Seller List.

To be published in 2018, George’s latest book, Potentially YOU, challenges readers and provides the tools to identify break through self-imposed limitations and realize new possibilities.

George holds an advanced certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, advanced training in bio-mechanics, and an advanced personal training and nutrition certification from the Institute of Aerobic Research.

Always striving to finesse his business acumen and leadership abilities, George graduated from Harvard Business School Owner President Management

To work one-one-one with George or bring him to your next speaking engagement, event or seminar:

To learn more about Genetic Direction’s programs, including GxSlim-the weight loss program tailored to your DNA and GxRenew–an innovative healthy aging program that utilizes your genetic profile to provide nutrient, food, activity and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer– visit

Mar 25, 2018

With the advent of the internet and continued mainstream media​ promoting wellness information, often incongruent with​ what practitioners with no agenda learn, is discouraging when it comes to identifying the truth of which food is healthy and which exercise and supplements are most beneficial.

​My guest, ​D​r. Tim Church is an (M.D.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Masters of Public Health (M.P.H.) He was the Vice President of Medical and Laboratory Research at Texas’ famed Cooper Institute and director of the Laboratory of Preventive Medicine at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center (part of the Louisiana State University system).

Dr. Church served as the Chairman of the Physical Activity Committee of the Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism at the American Heart Association, was a consultant in the writing of the Federal Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Report 2008 and was invited to speak before the United States Congress’ Committee on Government Reform on the topic of diet, physical activity and dietary supplements.

Dr Church is dispelling myths you may hold strong in your belief about living healthy.
Some may surprise you, while others may ruffle your feathers.

Myths you may hold strongly in your belief:

  1. Too much coffee is bad for you​
  2. Breakfast is critical to weight loss and better health
  3. 8 glasses of water a day is critical to good health
  4. Eggs are bad for you
  5. I am normal weight… I must be healthy
  6. You can run yourself skinny
  7. 6 small meals are better than 3 meals
  8. Sea salt (or other fancy salts) are healthier than normal salt
  9. Organic vegetables are always healthier
  10. Spot reduction is a real thing – weight loss
  11. More sweat = more weight loss —- plastic suits
  12. 3500 calories is a pound

and more

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Mar 17, 2018

It's ​March and most people who adopted a new year resolution are beginning to ​fall off the wagon due to lack of results, the speed at which the results came and a mammalian brain that's ​constantly on the lookout for danger, ​drama, ​failure, and challenges.

​If you choose to disregard this show, then you're either wealthy, in perfect health and or have the perfect marriage, or you have embraced being Uncomfortably Comfortable ​

I will share 6 reasons why our brain is constantly looking for failure and danger, then give tangible ideas to begin implementing to change the way your brain thinks to minimized being faced with a challenge in which you may have drawn toward you with a negative mindset.

Visit  begin with buying my book Potentially You. 

Toward the end of the book, I mention a tool I have that only a few people in America have that will completely neutralize the emotions keeping you from being the parent, spouse, successful business person​ and the healthy ​person you wish to be and​ ​enjoy the emotional stability and success you deserve. 

Mar 10, 2018
A high-carb diet and high blood sugar are associated with cognitive decline.
What are ketones?
What is ketosis and is it dangerous? (Compare to keto-acidosis)
Can all cells, tissues, and organs in the body potentially use ketones and which benefit the most from ketones.
Dr. Satchin Panda microbiologist studies the circadian rhythms​ of the body. Every cell in the body follows this Circadian Rhythm which governs when a cell is most metabolically active, when hormones are produced and when repairs and processes are active.​​​ Our internal clock tells us when it’s time to wake, when to rest and when to begin eating​ and when to wind down. 
To learn more about Dr. Panda’s studies:

A few years ago Dr. Panda​ began looking at how food affects our clocks in each organ. In our liver, there are 3000-5000 genes that turn on or off at different parts of the day. 

​One experiment his team gave food to mice during the day, (mice eat at night) to see if it would affect gene expression.
The first exposure to light and bite of food determines how our body clock works.
Dr. Panda coined the phrase TRF Time-Restricted Feeding which he defines as eating during an 8-12 hr period during light exposure only. 
This produced fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, decreased inflammation, improved heart function, ketone production and aerobic endurance.
Every organ in our body has an internal clock and it tells each organ when to be at peak performance and when to rest. 
W​hat many people may not know is that 10-15% of our genome is tied to our circadian rhythm and 40-50% of those genes are tied to metabolism.​
Dr. Panda went on to give an example of how street lights have to be timed just right to prevent traffic accidents. Not unlike the clock in our liver and how it distributes food and the process, it goes through. Not everything happens at once such as breaking down protein, making glucose etc. 
Artificial sweeteners, sugar and other things that cause a disruption in this process lead to metabolic issues attracting disease. Diabetes, heart disease cancer etc. 
We’re forcing our organs to work at times they are winding down, in turn, trying to force them to work at their optimal levels which cause traffic jams, and accidents using his traffic light metaphor about attracting disease.
They also found, and cannot explain people will gain muscle mass just by using this TRF. Which completely negates the thought of having to eat every 2-3 hrs. 
He did say the quality of calories does matter but if someone had to choose one first to then incorporate the other, TRF during 8-12 hours daylight would be that choice. 
Their findings show most people eat over a 15 hour period
Mar 4, 2018

It's getting hot in here.

Dr. Rudman discusses causes & new, safer treatments that actually work.

Imagine not having to use medication to fix dysfunctional sexual issues for both men and women.

Male sexual function/dysfunction

Incidence of Erectile Dysfunction -

40% at age 40
70% at age 70

Incidence of Premature Ejaculation amongst men - 30%

Average penile length:
3inches flaccid
5 erect
6inches is at 95 percentile
7 inches 98%
Penis length is dramatically more important to men then women

Causes of ED

Traditional Treatments

New Treatments:

  • Wave (Shockwave) extracorporeal shock wave therapy the science behind the technology involves something called low-intensity shockwave therapy. 

20-minute procedure could enhance one's sex life, build entirely new blood vessels to the genitals, fix libido and sexual issues, eliminate erectile dysfunction, and increase size and vascularity—all without the use of Cialis or Viagra.

We also discuss the P-Shot and Stem Cell treatments

Female Sexual function / dysfunction / incontinence

Is lack of an orgasm normal??)

75% of women never reach vaginal orgasm and 15% never climax

The 25% who do prove what they are missing.

Incidence of dysfunction

Incidence of Female Urinary incontinence 40%

 New cutting edge treatments for rejuvenation and healing 

  • O-shot (orgasm)
  • Votiva
  • F wave