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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban and Michael Dell, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness professional. George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers with unique goals. With over 25 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni is passionate about helping others transform their lives and achieve profound positive change through personal and professional development. Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to redefine who they are and what they can accomplish.
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Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban, Michael Dell and several other high profile people, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness and wellness professional.

With over 27 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni's hands-on and well researched experience delivers much passion on his radio show (Train Station Fitness) and during public speaking.

Many years ago George identified his life's mission to positively and profoundly help others transform their lives and achieve the change they seek. He developed and honed his message and techniques through his own personal and professional development as well as the many tools he acquired at Harvard Business school.

Author, talk show host, and behavior modification and wellness coach, George is a widely sought after speaker who empowers international audiences to identify and redefine who they are and what they can accomplish. Arming people with the tools necessary to create a new norm for themselves, he runs motivational, interactive training seminars for audiences spanning from corporate executives to entrepreneurs and people who wish to venture out on their own. George’s authentic, honest, direct manner is refreshing and infectious motivating thousands of people to take action.

Each episode I challenges guests or provide an introspective look at our behaviors that lead to the results we may or may not desire.

In 2005 George founded 21 Day Body Makeover ( and in 2015 Genetic Direction (, a leading provider of genetics-based personal health management programs. Both companies currently operate to help customers achieve their goals. Genetic Direction has a personalized component unique to the customer.

Giving new meaning to a busy schedule, in addition to hosting the Train Station Fitness Show, he's been on-air with NBC, TXCN, CH 8, Fox Sports Southwest, and WB33, and has made appearances on such shows as Good Day Dallas, CH 4 Morning Show, Texas Accents and Health Connection.

He penned articles for Dr. Drew, Women's Health and Fitness Magazine, and CBS Health Watch and authored four books and a best-selling author, Three Minutes to a Strong Mind and a Fit Body was #11 on’s Best Seller List.

To be published in 2018, George’s latest book, Potentially YOU, challenges readers and provides the tools to identify break through self-imposed limitations and realize new possibilities.

George holds an advanced certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, advanced training in bio-mechanics, and an advanced personal training and nutrition certification from the Institute of Aerobic Research.

Always striving to finesse his business acumen and leadership abilities, George graduated from Harvard Business School Owner President Management

To work one-one-one with George or bring him to your next speaking engagement, event or seminar:

To learn more about Genetic Direction’s programs, including GxSlim-the weight loss program tailored to your DNA and GxRenew–an innovative healthy aging program that utilizes your genetic profile to provide nutrient, food, activity and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer– visit

May 21, 2017

Dr. Tim Church, M.D., M.P.H, Ph.D. is one of the country’s leading physicians in exercise and obesity research.

Dr Church shares 3 myths of health you're not likely to won't hear in your doctors office

1) Does having breakfast every morning help or hurt fat loss?  

Where did this notion begin?

Aren't we suppose to break-the-fast?

Should we eat breakfast before exercise?

Is genetics a factor?

2) Do activity monitors (Fitbit, Jawbone) really prevent weight loss?

How accurate is the calorie count on these devices

3) How do you separate fake health care news from real health news?

Do you want the truth?

Or news with fake studies that suit your belief system?

May 14, 2017

Tina Allen and I share important information about three topics that are often over-looked 

1You may be aging yourself faster by missing out on this important inexpensive supplement in addition to eating poorly.

 2 The 6 most important supplements every vegan needs.

Anyone on a vegan, plant-based diet is not always healthier than everyone else.

Holistic cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn said that some vegans tend to ignore the need for supplements to achieve their goal of being healthy

3 Too little gluten in our diet may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes? What? 

Listen and find out more on the latest research 

May 6, 2017

Personal trainer Tina Allen is giving training tips for strength, fat loss and over-all fitness.
From exercising in the gym to your home and will discuss the importance of rest and recovery days. How this helps you move close to your fitness goals.

How much does your focus play a role in your strength and ability to reach those fitness goals?

Apr 29, 2017

Dr Webster and I discuss the latest research from the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports who examined the effects of different types of exercise on the body’s ability to process glucose.

One group already had healthy glucose metabolism.
The second group included those with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Here is what we address and have known for years.

HIIT/burst training and it relation to fat burning, cardiovascular health, detox/cleansing
Benefits of Burst that directly benefit bone health- physical impact, reduced cortisol/stress, lowered inflammation.  

What I find interesting/frustrating is how science doesn't interview or care to interview the practitioners such as personal trainers and the results they receive with their clients.

If they had, they could have learned about the results we/I was having with my clients more than twenty years ago.

Apr 22, 2017
My guest is Ford Baker who contacted me because he felt it necessary to share his story on air to help others who struggle with his former poor habits.
Ford is a former overfat person who lost over 150lbs and has kept it off for three years
Ford has 3 goals. 
1. He wishes to help others who judge overfat people for eating horribly and not exercising to understand that they are fully aware of how they look. 
2. To share what the impetus was that created this huge change
3. To motivate others with his Today I Can message for everyone who struggles the way he did. 
We will learn the mind of a former fat guy, the impetus behind his change, how he changed his attitude toward himself, and how he committed to positive change and persisted through hard times.
How did he stayed consistent in his effort to keep his weight off and be the example he needed to be for his family and others who struggle with their health?
Apr 19, 2017
Coach Mo Dr Webster and I discuss different protein and their role in exercise and tricks to prepare when you’re on the run.
Does protein have to be expensive? Steak vs protein powder. 
Have your protein supplement in front of you as we go through a review of what you may not want in your protein supplement.
Cheap protein may not be beneficial and potentially dangerous over time
Apr 15, 2017
With advances in technology and the advent of the internet, people are well informed and have read every diet book and health blog about how to lose fat.  Most people often say they know what they should be doing yet they fail to do it, and do so with consistency.
So if the lack of information is not the issue to losing and keeping fat off. What is?. Executing our learned info with consistency and the emotional impediments and habits that shape us.
So many people have intentions that extend beyond fat loss, yet they fail almost as soon as they begin to create the new habits they seek.
Have you been told you lack willpower?
Too many people experience shame and self-criticism and do not need someone else telling them they are weak. 
As a health professional, it's crucial to identify how your client best receives information and what motivates them. There is no, one-off program unless you use genetic testing, but then even those results have to be implemented.
The Heath brothers who wrote, Switch. How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. They break down our thoughts and decisions expressed by “The Rider” and “The Elephant” as two mental/emotional triggers, and a third, “The Jungle”  created by Dr. Jade Teta and Dr. Keoni Teta from
Which one are you?
Apr 12, 2017

Coach Mo discusses the stress some people with Orthorexia-Obsessive Behavior create. A fear for being unhealthy and low quality food.
These people limit their food to only a certain few choices. They obsess and become unhealthy in their quest to be as healthy as possible.
What is the driver behind this focus?
What else are these people missing out on in life?
Orthorexia is difficult to recognize for most.
What is the level of discipline that is acceptable and where is the line that needs to be drawn to prevent becoming obsessed to the point of being unhealthy?
What are some of the signs?

Coach Mo discusses the stress some people with Orthorexia-Obsessive Behavior create. A fear for being unhealthy and low quality food.
These people limit their food to only a certain few choices. They obsess and become unhealthy in their quest to be as healthy as possible.
What is the driver behind this focus? 
What else are these people missing out on in life? 
Orthorexia is difficult to recognize for most. 
What is the level of discipline that is acceptable and where is the line that needs to be drawn to prevent becoming obsessed to the point of being unhealthy?
What are some of the signs?
- See more at:
Apr 8, 2017

It's allergy season and some people cannot avoid serious symptoms which can affect their ability to work and function in normal everyday life.

Evidence suggests chronic sinus infection may increase risk of stroke.

Sinusitis is a major cost to the economy in terms of healthcare cost, time off work and lost productivity

Symptoms include facial pain and pressure, headaches, nasal congestion, nasal drainage, postnasal drainage,fever. 

 Are you contributing to your allergy issues? What alternatives are there for chronic sufferers?

My good friend Dr. Cary Theivagt  joins us to discuss treatment options to prevent long term damage of your health. his website

Apr 5, 2017

Allergy, Depression & Inflammation

Mar 29, 2017

You Body Is Constantly Speaking To You In Symptoms

Mar 25, 2017

The healthy aging market is a multi-billion dollar industry. The recent advancements in genetic science show us that a customized healthy aging solution is not a guessing game of trial and error. 

We're going back to basics today discussing the benefits of certain foods, supplements and exercise 

The latest genetic research shows us the way we age is highly affected by that person’s unique genetic profile. 

If the food and supps you're consuming don't align with your genetics, you may be accelerating your aging process.

Fish oil and its ability to reduce plaque, exercise & its anti-aging benefits & low glycemic foods all slow the aging process. 

If you’re not adopting these benefits you may and wonder why your mother or father is looking back at you in the mirror at such as young age, you may want to impede that process right away.


Visit: and learn more about GxRenew to gain insight about the food, exercise routine and supplements that best align with your genetic make-up to help slow the aging process

Mar 18, 2017

Some times we put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed and when we don't receive what we want when we want, we often lose motivation.

In this episode we discuss the downfalls of expecting too much too soon from exercise, whether with a personal trainer or on your own.

The Lancet published a study that said the best way to counter the serious health risks of sitting throughout the day was to exercise at least one hour per day. This does not take into account eating habits.

Coach mo, Dr Webster and myself, doing our best to info the world one person at a a time

Mar 15, 2017
Comfort food from mom does not have to be a bad thing if you know how to compensate
Learn the tricks to eating without guilt and the dangers of certain macro nutrients we are consuming in abundance.
Is being aware enough to make a change? Or do we first have to care before awareness can affect us?
Are emotions ruling your decision making connection to certain foods?
Listen to us have fun while sharing stories and scenarios that adversely affect our mood
Mar 11, 2017

We discuss how a seemingly healthy person, Bob Harper, 51, as star trainer turned host on The Biggest Loser suffered from a heart attack while working out in a New York City gym.

Harper says genetics are to blame.

Some questions Dr. Tim Church answers in this episode:

Why does a 51 year old trainer have a heart attack?

Did his diet and exercise habits help him?

Factors to consider and not focus on one: Anxiety, chronic inflammation, hormones, genetics

The most important risk factor will surprise you

Not all signs are obvious

Can too much exercise cause heart attack?

Mar 6, 2017

In this episode we discuss investigative reporter Scott Carney's What Doesn't Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude, and Environmental Conditioning WilL Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength

And how our body adapts to a new stress and why doing the same workout is somewhat a waste of time and effort
In addition, constantly "stressing" our brains with different types of stimulation such as movement, cognition (logic/reasoning, creativity, etc.), smell, visual, touch, taste, sound, balance
Feb 28, 2017

Matching Your Food Fitness To Female Physiology Selene Yeager

Feb 25, 2017

In this episode famous nutrition and exercise doctor, Dr Tim Church Tina Bernet and I discuss how modern technology has provided convenient and efficient tools for us to use to measure exercise and motivate us.

Millions of people buy infomercial exercise equipment and eating programs because they believe they're going to look like the person on T.V. They also feel entitled to have their desired body while disregarding all of the consistent hard work that goes into transforming thoughts and behaviors to realize the outcome they desire.
A new norm isn't created because you purchased an exercise device, or diet program. A new norm is created through repetition and use of tools designed to move you in the direction you want to go…in any facet of your life.
How does a company like Fitbit motivate owners of the device to actually use it, and to do so with consistency?
What changes did they make to motivate people?
A UK, Australian and  U.S. survey shows an estimated 30% of Fitbit owners do not use them.
The show took some turns we didn’t expect but it was all salient commentary to guide you in the right direction for the change you seek. We recognized the importance of individuality and case-by-case scenarios rather than a blanket statement of what people “Should” do to affect change

Feb 18, 2017

In this episode,we discuss Training Ecosystems with former
NFL great Dave Vobora and his Adaptive Training

Are you currently in the “alike”ecosystem? This is where you
align with those akin to your personality, goals and competition
level. i.e. Alpha/Alpha or Yogi/Yogi (Psychology of natural
Are you in the “unalike” ecosystem?
Integrating your training with those who have very different
physical tools and focusing on championing each other
(Psycho-Social effect/affect of diverse habitat
Or a combination of ecosystems to achieve your best self?

We help you identify current impediments to progress and
help you see other perspectives that can motivate you beyond
your current state.

Feb 15, 2017

Exercise Can Make You Smarter

Feb 11, 2017
In this episode we discuss the innate and intentional desire when it comes to attracting your Valentine (mate). 
As study of 24K married couples marry educated people because actively seek them out.
Chances are, you’re going to marry someone a lot like you
Similar intelligence, similar height, similar body weight

And these preferences are shaping our genomes. 

I saw this as interesting and factual, but a bit misleading. 

Why? I discuss an important variable not discussed in the study about how we can change our gene pool

As always, if you find this show beneficial to others please go to itunes "store" then enter "George DiGianni"

click "subscribe" and "rank" to help others who may benefit as well.

Feb 4, 2017

My guest is Dr. Alvin Berger is an expert in lipid signaling molecular biology.      

He ​has 30 years of research experience in nutritional and pharmaceutical sciences in both academic and commercial settings. 

He holds a MS degree and a Ph. D in Lipid- and Nutritional Biochemistry, and Post-doctoral experience at Georgetown University/Lombardi Cancer Center in lipid signaling molecular biology.

​In this episode he discusses​ the huge health and fat loss benefits of MCToil​. Including its effects on sustainable energy during exercise, brain function, blood sugar balance for diabetics

Feb 2, 2017
In this episode, Jill Lane, Tina and myself tackle the issues that keep your metabolism slow or slow it down.  How does alcohol affect it?  Zero calories  soda and alcohol is not the answer. We give exercise routine suggestions as well as eating suggestions to get you back on track.
Feb 2, 2017
In this episode we discuss the importance of balance, why it's vital to be and stay strong, especially as we age. We reveal  how the lack of resistance training shows up in unwanted ways.   Did you know your posture needs proper brain function to keep you upright? How do we accomplish that? Listen to these fitness suggestions
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